CHECK ENGINE was founded by Mike Habekott on May 2, 1983. His concept was to offer complete automotive diagnostic services focusing on computer engine controls and electronic systems. The name comes from the vehicles on board computer malfunction warning light labeled "check engine".

Mike understood that automobiles were becoming increasingly complicated and that the need for specially trained technicians to diagnose and repair those sophisticated vehicles would increase. Today's automobiles are equipped with multiple computers that monitor and control virtually every system on the vehicle including engine, transmission, brakes, steering, navigation and communication. Today's cars are literally intelligent thinking and self-aware robots. Some current models can brake and steer by their own independent decision. Because of this complexity, it is extremely important that the modern automotive technician be properly trained and certified.

From the very beginning Mike's mission was to provide the highest level of quality service coupled with state of the art diagnostic equipment and the best ASE Certified Technicians in the region. CHECK ENGINE Technicians continually train to stay in tune with today's automotive technology and prepare for the future needs of our customers.

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